PyTorch-Ignite PyTorch-Ignite


End-to-end complete hands-on PyTorch-Ignite tutorials with interactive Google Colab Notebooks.

1. Getting Started

Welcome to PyTorch-Ignite’s quick start guide that covers the essentials of getting a project up and running while walking through basic concepts of Ignite. In just a few lines of code, you can get your model trained and validated. The complete code can be found at the end of this guide.

2. Distributed Training on CPUs, GPUs or TPUs

This tutorial is a brief introduction on how you can do distributed training with Ignite on one or more CPUs, GPUs or TPUs. We will also introduce several helper functions and Ignite concepts (setup common training handlers, save to/ load from checkpoints, etc.) which you can easily incorporate in your code.

0. Transformers for Text Classification with IMDb Reviews

Transformers for Text Classification with IMDb Reviews In this tutorial we will fine tune a model from the Transformers library for text classification using PyTorch-Ignite. We will be following the Fine-tuning a pretrained model tutorial for preprocessing text and defining the model, optimizer and dataloaders. Then we are going to use Ignite for: Training and evaluating the model Computing metrics Setting up experiments and monitoring the model According to the tutorial, we will use the IMDb Movie Reviews Dataset to classify a review as either positive or negative.