PyTorch-Ignite PyTorch-Ignite

How to install PyTorch-Ignite

From pip:

pip install pytorch-ignite

From conda:

conda install ignite -c pytorch

From source:

pip install git+

Nightly releases

From pip:

pip install --pre pytorch-ignite

From conda (please install the pytorch nightly release instead of the stable version as a dependency):

conda install ignite -c pytorch-nightly

Docker Images

Using pre-built images

Pull a pre-built docker image from our Docker Hub using :

docker pull IMAGE_NAME

Available pre-built images are :

Base Horovod MS DeepSpeed
Base pytorchignite/base:latest pytorchignite/hvd-base:latest X
Vision pytorchignite/vision:latest pytorchignite/hvd-vision:latest X
NLP pytorchignite/nlp:latest pytorchignite/hvd-nlp:latest X
NVIDIA Apex pytorchignite/apex:latest pytorchignite/hvd-apex:latest pytorchignite/msdp-apex:latest
Apex + Vision pytorchignite/apex-vision:latest pytorchignite/hvd-apex-vision:latest pytorchignite/msdp-apex-vision:latest
Apex + NLP pytorchignite/apex-nlp:latest pytorchignite/hvd-apex-nlp:latest pytorchignite/msdp-apex-nlp:latest

and run it with Docker v19.03+ :

docker run --gpus all -it -v $PWD:/workspace/project --network=host --shm-size 16G IMAGE_NAME

For more details, check out our GitHub.