PyTorch-Ignite PyTorch-Ignite

How to switch data provider during training

In this example, we will see how one can easily switch the data provider during the training using set_data().

Basic Setup

Required Dependencies

!pip install pytorch-ignite


from ignite.engine import Engine, Events

Data Providers

data1 = [1, 2, 3]
data2 = [11, 12, 13]

Create dummy trainer

Let’s create a dummy train_step which will print the current iteration and batch of data.

def train_step(engine, batch):
    print(f"Iter[{engine.state.iteration}] Current datapoint = ", batch)

trainer = Engine(train_step)

Attach handler to switch data

Now we have to decide when to switch the data provider. It can be after an epoch, iteration or something custom. Below, we are going to switch data after some specific iteration. And then we attach a handler to trainer that will be executed once after switch_iteration and use set_data() so that when:

  • iteration <= switch_iteration, batch is from data1
  • iteration > switch_iteration, batch is from data2
switch_iteration = 5

def switch_dataloader():
    print("<------- Switch Data ------->")

And finally we run the trainer for some epochs., max_epochs=5)
Iter[1] Current datapoint =  1
Iter[2] Current datapoint =  2
Iter[3] Current datapoint =  3
Iter[4] Current datapoint =  1
Iter[5] Current datapoint =  2
<------- Switch Data ------->
Iter[6] Current datapoint =  11
Iter[7] Current datapoint =  12
Iter[8] Current datapoint =  13
Iter[9] Current datapoint =  11
Iter[10] Current datapoint =  12
Iter[11] Current datapoint =  13
Iter[12] Current datapoint =  11
Iter[13] Current datapoint =  12
Iter[14] Current datapoint =  13
Iter[15] Current datapoint =  11

	iteration: 15
	epoch: 5
	epoch_length: 3
	max_epochs: 5
	output: <class 'NoneType'>
	batch: 11
	metrics: <class 'dict'>
	dataloader: <class 'list'>
	seed: <class 'NoneType'>
	times: <class 'dict'>